About Mountain House
Elementary School District

Community and School Profile

Mountain House School is located in Eastern Alameda County, half way between the towns of Livermore and Tracy. It is a rural ranching and farming community covering about 30 square miles. There is only one school in this unique small district, whose building has been there for over 100 years. The school was first founded in 1893. [View boundary map]

The Mountain House School staff is composed of Board of Trustees and two full-time teachers.  Support staff includes an administrative secretary, two instructional aides, one Special Education Aide, one cafeteria/daycare provider, and a bus driver/maintenance worker. During the 2009-10 school year, the school served 49 students in grades kindergarten through eight.

Statement of Philosophy

Mountain House’s philosophy is based on the idea that the purpose of education is to provide a continuation of essential learning. It is our ultimate goal to supply each student with basic facts and experiences. These will aid our youth in becoming self-sufficient individuals mentally, physically, socially, and morally so that they can meet the demands of a rapidly changing society. It is essential to instill in each student the importance of individual worth and to create a positive self-image through the personal development of initiative, resourcefulness, and responsibility.

It is the intent of the faculty to lead students toward being disciplined, productive, informed, and fulfilled individuals. To achieve the ideals, mutual respect and understanding must be present in the learning process on the part of all participants--the faculty, students, and community.