eScrip Dining

Earn up to 5% for Mountain House School with your dining at great restaurants right in your neighborhood.

Check out eScrip Dining at to find participating dining spots around the corner - or wherever your travels take you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Register your Debit/Credit Cards

2. Search for a participating dining spot nearby or add eScrip Dining to your Smart phone here

3. Use your registered card to pay your bill on a day when contributions are available

4. Earn 2.5% on your entire bill (including food, drinks, tax and tip!) and earn another 2.5% if you fill out a post dine survey sent via email a few days after your dine.

That’s it! Piece of cake (you’ll earn on the cake too!). Please take a moment to update your cards for hassle free contributions from eScrip Dining and enjoy your night out!

For more information, to update payment cards, or to search restaurants, please visit

eScrip Online Mall

Earn money for Mountain House School while shopping online!

  • By using the Online Mall, we earn up to 16% of your purchases from over 1,000 name brand merchants
  • You shop from the same websites you know and trust and pay exactly the same price
  • The specific items you buy are not recorded in any way, just the total you spent from each merchant so you can earn contributions
  • Be sure to visit the Online Mall first whenever you shop so we can earn everytime